Eager to leave, sad to leave

Updated Mar 5, 2012

I learned today that I may like our Florida vacation house too much. Learned when I felt real sadness as Diane and I prepared to leave.

We woke up this morning in that house. We have been here since early January. Today we packed up to get back on the road. We are both eager to get back to work so I was surprised when sad feelings rose as we shut the house down.

When we bought this place about two years ago, I talked about how it was something we could live without if a hurricane wiped it out. That is still true today but we have since made this place our own and have become emotionally invested in it. We really, really like being here. Fortunately, we like being on the road too. We hope to be under load tomorrow and rolling happily along.

We have no idea how long it will be until we return. Last year we left in February and returned 11 months later. Whenever we return, the house will be ready like a fresh hotel room is ready when you check in.

The house has been cleaned top to bottom, inside and out. All laundry and vacuuming is done. Everything is dusted. The waste baskets and trash cans are scrubbed. There are no papers or other clutter on the counters. Clean towels hang on the racks. Clean sheets are on the bed.

This place is supposed to provide a break from the road. When we return, it will not be to a place that needs housework; it will be to a place that welcomes us back.