Updated Apr 5, 2012

I learned today how to get in touch with my inner zombie. Learned by reading about zombies online.

Diane and I woke up this morning at the TA East truck stop in Ontario, Calif. We are dispatched on a load that picks up Monday. We began our long deadhead to Sacramento today. Before we left, we called the agent to verify that the load was still on. She assured us that it was. As is our custom, I drove until late afternoon, when Diane’s shift began.

When she started driving, I moved into the sleeper to work on my book. I am writing today about zombie expediters. That led me to read up on zombies online. It also led to a zombie show for Diane.

When she set the brake at a truck stop fuel island, the sleeper curtain opened and a zombie emerged into the cab. She looked briefly at me, sighed, and then exited the cab to fuel the truck. With her being neither surprised or frightened, it is clear that my zombie impression needs more work.

The reefer dealer who was to fix our truck today lost the chance. Of the two people at the shop who knew yesterday that an alternator was to be ordered, each thought the other would make the call and the part was not ordered. Run!!! Hide!!! Zombies are everywhere!!!

We will get the reefer fixed tomorrow at a shop in Sacramento where the part is already in stock and they have time to work on the truck.