Desert sightseeing as we drive

Updated Apr 18, 2012

I learned today more about WordPress. Learned by studying as Diane drove.

Diane and I drove overnight last night and all day today on a run from Sacramento, Calif. to New Mexico. That’s a good thing because it means the difference between staying up all night tonight or not. The significant delay we had at the pick up made it impossible to arrive at the delivery during business hours today. When we confirmed with the consignee that no one would stay late to receive the freight, we found a place nearby to spend the night, not attending the freight and sleeping in shifts but both of us in bed sleeping the night away.

We will wake up ready to roll in the morning but New Mexico is not good for outbound freight. It is unlikely that we will get out of here right away.

One of the reasons I write this blog is to capture memories that can be read later when we are too old to enjoy the travels we do now. Diane and I each got some daylight driving in today and both of us took particular note of the cactus plants. We have seen them many times before but they seemed different today. The lighting was just so. The cacti were in bloom. At a fuel stop we took a short walk to see these intriguing plants up close and enjoyed that mini nature hike.

Arizona people may laugh at our special interest in things that are common to them, just like Minnesota people are amused when we see Arizona people react to three feet of snow on the ground and -20°F weather. It’s all good and we enjoyed the scenery today. I love driving in the American Southwest, just wish there was more freight moving in and out of here.