Diesel specialists support initiatives for greener diesels

The Association of Diesel Specialists ­– a trade association for diesel mechanics ­– has released a statement of saying it believes having economical, durable and clean diesel engines is a key element for addressing global pollution and fossil fuel depletion.

The ADS board of directors released a statement on the subject:

ADS believes in the future of clean diesel as part of an environmental solution to global greenhouse gas issues. ADS believes in the future of the inherently more efficient clean diesel power plant as a method of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. ADS applauds the work of engine manufacturers in their efforts to continuously reduce emissions in diesel engines to near infinitesimal levels. ADS believes that the use of clean diesel will improve the sustainability of consumers, businesses and communities by reducing the environmental and societal cost of their activities.

The association says it “does not condone the use of devices made to intentionally contravene emissions controls for use in equipment or vehicles used on a regular basis,” adding it “believes that intentionally bypassing or altering emissions controls in the name of performance enhancement undermines individual and group efforts to promote the use of clean diesel as a viable alternative power plant for the future.”

To view the full statement, visit ADS’ website.

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