News to me: Charlie Brown and Snoopy went to the moon

Updated Apr 30, 2012

I learned today that there is a small natural history museum in the big shopping mall in Las Cruces, N.M. Learned by stumbling onto it while taking a walk.

Diane and I are on a run from Texas to California. She drove her usual shift last night. We have time to spare on this run since the delivery is Monday, but instead of staying in bed, I got up to do more of that nighttime desert driving I love to do.

That got us out of Texas and into Las Cruces where we stopped at the mall to pass some time. Diane went to a bookstore. I stayed in the truck, but before leaving I wanted to take a walk to get some exercise. A few laps around the outside of the mall would do it, I thought but I ended up in the museum instead.

There was a door on the outside of the mall with a sign that said “Not a museum entrance.” I’ve never seen a museum in a mall before so I went in the first big entrance to investigate. Once inside the Las Cruces Museum of Natural History I picked up dozens of things I could have said “I learned today” about.

I learned that Charlie Brown and Snoopy were part of the Apollo 10 mission. The story about the museum exhibit is here. The exhibit itself was at Las Cruces today. I learned what a live tarantula spider looks like close up. I learned about a space mission to Pluto, etc.

That was our day. We got rolling again a little before sunset; toward the delivery and tomorrow’s adventure.