Diesel engine oils

ConocoPhillips Lubricants has introduced new versions of its Guardol ECT and Kendall Super-D XA premium diesel engine oils, which now include a Liquid Titanium additive system. Developed in conjunction with a major additive manufacturer over 18 months, the additive offers enhanced wear protection in many critical heavy-duty areas, along with enhanced oxidation and thermal stability. The additive is dissolved in a liquid and contains no solid metal. However, the titanium, the strongest and lightest metal known, bonds onto critical wear surfaces, reducing wear of critical parts. The new oils have the potential to extend changes where the condemning factors are those such as wear metals or thermal breakdown. It also “has the potential to lower repair costs and extend time between overhauls,” according to the company. The cost of these oils is the same as before the addition of the new additive, and they meet or exceed all OEM requirements for CJ-4 heavy-duty diesel engine oils.
ConocoPhillips Lubricants
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CB radio
Cobra’s 29 WX NW BT Citizen’s Band radio with Bluetooth wireless technology allows for receiving and making phone calls through the CB radio – like Cobra’s 29 LTD BT – but adds NightWatch illumination and 24-hour NOAA weather and emergency alerts. The Emergency Alert will notify the driver of severe weather, natural disasters and Amber Alerts in the area even if the CB radio is off. The radio outputs 4 Watts of AM RF power and includes instant access to emergency channel 9. Its Delta Tune feature clarifies incoming signals, and the adjustable Dynamike boost increases the microphone’s sensitivity for increased voice clarity. Retail: $189.99.
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Three-in-one cleaning tool
The Power SideKick is three car/truck-cleaning tools in one: a rotary cleaning brush, buffer and vacuum. Changing from one tool to the next is simple, and the unit’s rechargeable battery pack provides optimal balance for the tool and plenty of power to complete a full wash/wax and interior cleanup job – even on full-size cars, trucks and vans. A reservoir on the rotary brush attachment allows you to add your favorite car wash solution and apply it directly to the vehicle’s surface. An adjustment dial at the base of the brush lets you precisely meter the amount of cleaner being applied during cleaning operations.
Power Sidekick
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Partner Insights
Information to advance your business from industry suppliers

New tires
Continental Tire North America recently released several new tires. The company introduced the HTL1 wide-base trailer tire as its first solution for both weight and fuel savings. The HTL1 replaces duals on highway or regional trailer axle fitments. It features 13/32-inch tread depth, which minimizes irregular wear and maximizes fuel efficiency. The six-rib design evenly distributes the load over the crown of the tire to protect the tread pattern from irregular wear, and a decoupler rib provides better irregular-wear resistance at the shoulder, the company says. The tire also provides greater fuel efficiency through advanced compounding and reduced rolling resistance.

The HSR2 (Heavy Steer Regional) replaces the HSR model and features a four-rib design that offers higher lateral stability for greater resistance to the side forces often found in regional applications, the company says. Exclusive Continental compound technologies featured in the HSR2 allow for higher tread endurance and optimal product performance. The HSR2’s patent-pending groove geometry allows the use of more complex groove designs by undercutting (tunneling under) the groove features.

The HSU2 (Heavy Steer Urban) replaces the HSU model. It offers increased tread life through its wider 26/32-inch deep rib design, now with 17 percent more wear volume than the HSU, which provides high removal miles. The tread is formulated with a cut- and tear-resistant tread compound to provide excellent wear, the company says.
Continental Tire North America

New Navistar truck design
Navistar has implemented plans for an International low cab-over construction and refuse truck based on an existing American LaFrance LCOE platform. Enhancements to the existing LCOE chassis will be part of the final product, as will the integration of Navistar’s MaxxForce engines and Advanced EGR technology to meet EPA 2010 emissions requirements, making the International LCOE truck the only LCOE chassis on the market without a urea-based selective catalytic reduction emissions system, the company says. The initial product will be available in waste and construction segments with future products planned for additional vocational markets.
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Ratchet strap holder
Erickson’s Tamer ratchet strap holder provides a place for excess webbing. The product has a reel built into the handle to wrap the extra webbing into a neat roll; the user simply must wrap the webbing up and lock it into place. The ratchet still operates the same with the Tamer attached, the company says.
Erickson Manufacturing
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Expanded DEF options
Cummins Filtration has expanded its product line to include convenient, smaller-size packaging options as well as dispensing equipment for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Fleetguard DEF is now also available in 1-, 2.5- and 5-gallon containers. The dispensing equipment offered includes air and electric pumps for both drums and totes.
Cummins Filtration

Tire pressure monitoring system
L&S Safety Solutions’ PressurePro “Drop and Hook” Tire Pressure Monitoring System for trucks allows drivers to drop a trailer and hook up to another using a fully automated drop and hook capability. Wireless tire sensors, which replace valve stem dust caps, transmit pressure readings to the in-cab monitor or remote location, alerting the driver to low-pressure situations before they become hazardous. PressurePro provides continuous readings while moving or parked, the company says.
L&S Safety Solutions
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Internet Truckstop Directory
ProMiles has enhanced its national fuel-stop directory found in Internet Truckstop’s FuelDesk Plus and FuelDeskPlus.com, adding more truckstop details and increasing the number of daily fuel-pricing updates. Internet Truckstop members now can access new maps and more truckstop locations, saving time and money when calculating the fuel cost on a specific route, the company says. Users of Internet Truckstop’s FuelDesk Plus also have access to the ProMiles IFTA tax program at no additional cost.
Internet Truckstop
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The Business Manual for Owner-Operators
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