First step toward EOBRs for all?

Within the next few days, the federal goverment is expected to publish a final rule that will mandate electronic onboard recorders for the worst violators of the hours-of-service rule.

Last week the rule cleared the White House, where it underwent some changes from what the U.S. Department of Transportation set over a few months ago. Although we don’t yet know the details, tt is expected to also contain performance standards for EOBRs.

While this rule only deals with the carriers who have a history of non-compliance, it certainly opens the door for moving the entire industry toward eventually have all commercial trucks equipped with EOBRs.

Several things hint at this including the fact that the FMSCA says it will considering reducing or eliminatiing supporting documents with expanded use. A rule on that is expect out this summer.

FMCSA also will likely encourage incentives for carriers, not mandated to do so,  to equipped their trucks with EOBS.

Will all trucks require EOBRs? While there is a lot of opposition to such a mandate, this appears to be a step in that direction — a very large step.

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