Mexico, U.S. meet on transportation

Mexican Secretary of Communications and Transportation Juan Molinar Horcasitas and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood met yesterday, April 12, in Monterrey, Mexico, to discuss a broad range of transportation issues, including the next steps of the cross-border trucking program.

The secretaries reviewed the status of motor carrier issues of mutual importance to the United States and Mexico, and confirmed their intent to resolve these issues as a highest priority. In particular, the countries will establish a working group to consider the cross-border trucking program.

Molinar and LaHood also shared perspectives on a broad range of aviation safety issues. They agreed to continue their long-standing aviation cooperation, which provides safety, efficiency and environmental benefits to North American travelers and to the citizens of both countries. The Secretaries also recognized the critical role of border region transportation infrastructure projects in sustaining a mutually important trade relationship.

They reviewed the status of existing and prospective rail and highway projects in the border region and reaffirmed their commitment to work closely together with other border stakeholders to ensure coordinated transportation planning.