Better now

We did the Green Bay 1.5 mile walk on Saturday. There were 12 participants. It was 12 more than last year, but about half what I expected. I had been a little down over the low turnout. The walk itself was an excellent time. It was along the Fox River on Green Bay’s boardwalk. With that few people it left plenty of time to shake every hand and thank everyone for coming.

On Sunday I just got a 20 minute-walk in. There were 600 miles to drive, and I wanted to get going. Monday had 3 stops. There would be one left over for Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C. The day started off badly with the first customer taking 2.5 hours to unload. That made it impossible to be on time. It makes for a stressful day when you are late for your stops. They came off OK, and I headed to Charlotte. When I got to Charlotte I had trouble finding a place to park, and the consignee did not allow overnight parking. It took a while before I found a place to park. I was stressed out. It was a hot summer North Carolina day, and a driver from Wisconsin finds that just too hot.

What the heck, I took the bike off the truck and went for a ride. When I interviewed Jasmine Jordan, the thing I took from it was when I asked her if she ever did not feel like running. She said no. I don’t have that. Sometimes it feels like it is a struggle just to lace up my shoes or put my bike together. Once I get going everything changes.  What changes most is my attitude. By the time I rode my six miles today, I felt great. It always seems to go that way. There are times when I am psyched to get out and do something, maybe half the time. I do feel better every time when I get it done.

My feelings about the walk changed, too. There are a few things I can do differently.  Wouldn’t it be cool to do it at night? There is a very successful parade of trucks through downtown Green Bay on Friday night. What if we coordinated the two events?  It amazes me how a 30-minute bike ride can change so much. And that’s just my mind. Just think of what it is doing for my heart.

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