Constitution Trail

The Constitution Trail is less than 250 yards from Pilot Truck Stop in Bloomington, Ill. Just head out the back drive (across from the blue beacon) and turn left. You will see grain towers and a cemetery. The trail is across Washington Street and runs in front of the cemetery. If you want an uninterrupted run or ride turn right on the trail. The trail ends about 2.5 miles from where you started. Long enough for a decent run. If you are riding a bike, the trail does cross some lightly traveled country roads.  They look inviting.

If you are a walker you may want to turn left toward the city center. You will be climbing a steep grade within the first mile. It is a walkway bridge. Then it empties onto a sidewalk. The trail itself picks up again within 2 blocks. After that it becomes an urban walkway. You will be crossing streets every few hundred yards. This portion of the trail ends in about 3 miles. You can spur off the trail to head into downtown Bloomington.

Check out the trail’s website. You will find the Friends of the Constitution Trail. The trail is under development. The group would like to expand the trail. Eventually they hope to have the trail cover the entire Bloomington-Normal metro area. The area is home to Illinois State University. University towns tend to be biker friendly. I have had many great rides in university towns. .I have had great rides in Madison, Wis., Minneapolis, Minn., and Logan Utah, all university towns. Hopefully in 10 years I will write a piece about a great ride to the university and back.

Right now the trail is not a show piece. It is an adequate place to exercise. It is convenient to the Pilot. It is not quite as convenient from the TA. Bloomington is a crossroad of I-55 and I-74. I-39 ends there. Next time you pass by Bloomington check it out.