Truckers get a bad rap!

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Dear Carolyn,

I’m sick and tired of people assuming my husband cheats on me when he’s on the road. We have a strong marriage, a supportive family and great kids. When I tell people what he does for a living, I get questioned about his fidelity. I know some guys use this job to cover for their bad behavior but I resent all truckers getting lumped into one bad group. What should I say when I get hit with this stereotype?


Dear Becky,

I’m sure I’ll come up with a snappy answer at 2 a.m. but I think you should resist the temptation to snap back. (Do as I say, not as I do!) Instead, take the opportunity to infor the ignorant that the truckers you know, including the wonderful one you are married to, are honest, hardworkers who keep this country running. Say it calmly and with conviction. They will feel stupid and you will be doing your part to improve the image of the American trucker. But when they walk away, feel free to stick out your tongue.

I’m just say’n,


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