Healthy Obsession

Updated Jun 27, 2014

New site supports your health goals

According to, Americans time and time again resolve to drink less alcohol, get fit, lose weight, manage stress, quit smoking and manage debt when Jan. 1 rolls around. Also among the most popular New Year’s resolutions are to save money, get a better education and volunteer to help others.

It seems that more often than not, however, Americans focus on their health. So why does this happen every Jan. 1? If you wanted to get fit last year, surely you don’t have to repeat that resolution? Well, if the average American is like me, it’s because those resolutions just don’t stick.

Yes, it’s entirely my fault when I throw that resolution out the window and return to the comfort of familiar habits. However, I’ve found that the more support my family and friends provide, the longer I try to change my ways.

And that is why, this month, Truckers News has launched an outlet for the driver community to support each other’s health goals. Our new website,, is a place you can read about other drivers (such as Richie Nehrings, whose story is on page 18), get health tips, see information about common health concerns and discuss with others your health goals for 2012.

Give the site a try. You might be surprised how motivated you feel after a little positive reinforcement. And don’t forget to inspire your fellow drivers, too.

Scan this QR with your smartphone (find a QR reader in your phone’s application store), or visit to join others in getting fit in 2012!

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