January deadlines for CARB truck regulations

Deadlines are coming in January for owner-operators and small fleet owners to meet the California Air Resources Board’s Truck and Bus regulation.

Heavy truck and bus operators must comply with the regulation starting Jan. 1, CARB said. To delay compliance until 2014, small fleet owners of up to three trucks with 1996 to 1999 model year engines must report by Jan. 31, and those with 2000-2004 MY engines must report by Jan. 1, 2013.

All small fleet owners must report by Jan. 31, 2014, to show that one vehicle has a particulate material filter. They can delay the ultimate requirement of having a 2010 MY engine until 2020 or later.

Fleet owners with two or three trucks must report that the second and third trucks have PM filters by 2015 and 2016, respectively, CARB said.

Fleet owners also can comply by phasing in PM filters for a percentage of their trucks from 2012 to 2016. Starting Jan. 1, 2020, fleet owners must upgrade to 2010 MY engines, CARB said.

Larger fleet owners need to report to CARB by Jan. 31 to take advantage of the PM filter phase-in option. Fleet owners need to report which vehicles are retrofitted with PM filters and which have original equipment PM filters on 2007 model year or newer engines.

These requirements do not apply to trucks that transport marine cargo, containers or transport chassis that must comply with the Drayage Truck regulation.

For more information visit CARB’s Truck Stop pages at www.arb.ca.gov/truckstop, call the Diesel Hotline at (866) 634-3735 or email [email protected]

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