The vivid soundtrack of our trucking lives

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So much of our time on the road is occupied with music. We rarely ride without the soundtrack of life playing in the background. I think a lot of drivers help the hours pass with music, and with today’s technology you can listen to pretty much anything you want to, all the time.

We use Pandora and our own play lists from our phones. If I ever lost my phone, the only thing I’d be devastated about would be the music. The truck has a really nice stereo, I’m going to have to give props to Freightliner for an extremely nice stock sound system. It’s like having our own private concert while we travel.

Psychologists say one of the strongest stimuli to associate memory is music. Who doesn’t remember the song playing in the background during your fist real kiss? I have an almost constant loop of music, and certain songs really do evoke strong emotions in me.

I still cannot hear the National Anthem without crying. It used to make me sob when I was a little kid, now I just get teary-eyed. “Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there” always gets me in the throat. It’s a powerful song, there’s a reason it’s the National Anthem.

My Grandad used to listen to Grand Ol’ Opry every Saturday night, and sing along with the acts. One of my first real memories is of him singing “Kawlijah” with Charley Pride at the top of his lungs. I can also vividly remember him doing the Conway Twitty “Hello Darlin” to my Granny when she’d walk into the room. Those two songs always take me to a happy place, even though I’m still somewhat concerned that Kawlijah never got a kiss.

Of course, no one can go through Kansas City without hearing the song in their head at least once. The minute I hear the words “Kansas City,” Wilbert Harrison is crooning “here I come” in my head. We always have to sing “Livin’ on Tulsa Time” when we’re on the way to Tulsa, and I downloaded “East Bound and Down,” especially for when we’re heading out of Texas towards Georgia, whether we’re hauling beer or not.

It’s a fun way to pass time. Try thinking of a song for every major city you go through, I’ll bet you can do it easier than you think. Music soothes the savage beast. Remember that when you roll up on Sasquatch. I have it on good authority he likes Charlie Daniels Band. You’re welcome.

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