Fuel, fleet managing device

Updated Nov 29, 2012

Vehicle tracking software company Inilex announced this week the release of its InilexGPS Fleet device, targeted at helping small and mid-sized fleets implement better business plans and cost-cutting measures.

Inilex says the system was designed for companies with 15 to 150 vehicles.

The system works off of a monitor-and-fix premise, allowing small fleets to receive reports on its trucks’ locations, speeds, idle times, fuel mileage and maintenance schedules, playing the digital role of a “full-time, on-staff fleet manager without the expense” Inilex says.

The company says the device provides monitors with idle alerts to promote fuel efficiency, maintenance alerts to remind owners and/or managers of upcoming maintenace events, GeoFences that set up pre-defined geographic boundaries for trucks that pop up an alert when exited to discourage drivers from using vehicles for personal use, speed alerts to help drivers operate more safely and achieve better fuel efficiency and real-time and historical vehicle location tracking.

The device is small and durable, the company says, and can be installed on any vehicle or piece of equipment. Those on the monitoring end use a web-based interface to receive data sent from the device itself.

See Inilex’s site for more information.