Carrier registration system rule clears OMB

Updated Aug 19, 2013

A Unified Carrier Registration rule could be made final within a week, as the Office of Management and Budget has cleared the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s proposed rule and sent it back to the agency to become final.

FMCSA said in February when the plan was submitted it would likely publish a rule within a week of OMB clearance. 

The rule is meant to streamline existing registration processes for carriers and be a clearinghouse for information on motor carriers, brokers, freight forwarders and others who must register with the Department of Transportation.

FMCSA says the rule has “total net societal benefits” of $19.5 million. The agency intended to publish the final rule in December of 2012 — following a December 2011 supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking — but ran into issues the delayed issuance.