Lancaster, Calif., driver wins Rite Aid trucking challenge

Updated Oct 14, 2013

William Plevney of Lancaster, Calif., Rite Aid distribution center took top honors in Rite Aid’s National Driver Skills Challenge, which took place in Perryman, Md., July 20. Lowell Lee of the Tuscaloosa, Ala., distribution center and Roger Melton for the El Monte, Calif., facility.

Rite Aid’s Driver Skills Challenge recognizes drivers’ skill and safety practices based on a series of American Trucking Associations format challenges designed to test the truckers’ skills in three critical areas—maneuvering behind the wheel, safety knowledge in a written test and proper pretrip safety inspections.

With delivery routes in the Greater Los Angeles area, Plevney says his skill is tested every time he gets behind the wheel. Plevney is a former Marine and LAPD officer who once worked security details for the pope and two U.S. presidents.