Operator avoids accident but loses one of his doubles — Could he have prevented it?

Updated Jan 27, 2014

preventable-doublesTruck driver John Doe was driving his doubles down the Pennington Parkway through a view-limited rain shower. The four-lane highway was separated by a grassy median and had a posted speed limit of 65 mph, but Doe cruised at 45, due to the rainy weather. 

He was in the far right lane, and he quickly approached a straight truck crawling at about 35 mph. He passed the truck and was still in the inside line when suddenly a 1971 Mercedes sedan — driven by a beered up driver — jetted across the median heading straight for Doe’s tractor. 

Doe reacted quickly, slamming his wheel to the right and avoiding the collision. 

However, the jerking force caused his rear double to come lose and land in the ditch. 

The Mercedes sped off into the distance. 

Later, Doe was on the receiving end of a preventable accident letter from his carrier, which he contested. The National Safety Council Accident Review Committee rendered the final decision, immediately ruling in Doe’s favor. The committee noted that Doe avoided the accident and could not have anticipated the quick move by the Mercedes.