DEF or dumb?

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Updated Jun 30, 2014

We added 150 miles to our trip out of Portland because our truck isn’t DPF- or DEF-equipped. It turned out to be OK, since we got to see some of the most awesome scenery Oregon had to offer, but it’s irritating to be kept out of a state for such a ridiculous reason.

Now before all the environmental people start screaming at me, hear me out. First of all, I’m pretty dang sure not every single farm truck in California is CARB compliant. Especially the ones being used up in Growers that have the bumpers strapped on with bungee cords. And while I’m certain they all have their papers filed to remain non-CARB compliant (no really, I always roll my eyes like that), how in the hell is that helping the environment? Does the atmosphere automatically know not to be offended because there’s a piece of paper on file somewhere?

DEFI am so sick and tired of literally stumbling over the trash from diesel exhaust fluid. When it’s not sold in bulk at the pump, the amount of waste involved is incredible. And guess what? The plastic containers (inside the cardboard boxes) are NOT recyclable, which means they sit in a landfill and seep the toxins out into our ground water for thousands of years. How is that better for anything? Are you kidding me with this logic?

I realize California has a lot of good points. I mean, it houses the collection of weirdos we like to call Hollywood and at least a couple of the people who live there are marginally entertaining. It also grows a huge amount of food – for wherever they’re shipping it. I find it asinine to drive through the agricultural areas (when we were allowed to be there) and see miles of oranges grown in California, only to go to the grocery and be forced to buy oranges from Peru, because the California oranges are going to Japan. Who does this crazy stuff? Am I the only one this makes absolutely no sense to?

The whole thing would really make a whole lot more sense to me if I could figure out which politician’s cousin owns the DEF refineries, because that’s the only reason I can see that this would be made mandatory. 

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I’ve asked several times for someone to explain this to me. I sent the above picture to the EPA and asked someone to please tell me how it’s better for the environment. I got a form letter back, with absolutely no mention whatsoever of the trash or my direct question, thanking me for my concerns about the environment. I guess they were too busy pooping the the hallways to take a minute to actually answer. You read that right – your tax dollars just paid for a consultant to tell the bosses at the EPA (namely an office in the Denver area) how to keep their employees from pooping in the hallways. Unfortunately, this is not a filthy lie and I’m as horrified as you are that the people in charge of the very air we breathe are crapping at will wherever they please.

So we stay out of California. I miss Northern Cali – I love it from the Tejon Pass up, but it’s not worth the hassle any more. Maybe when they get tired of having to get their toilet paper from Guam, they’ll invite criminals like us back into their weird little world and we can all just get along. Until then, they can have it.