The brotherhood exists, take two

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So I just had an awesome experience with a group of people I respect deeply and who never ceased to amaze.

We have a Facebook page with about 1,800 people following it. Small by most standards, and out of the 1,800 following, I’m guess only about 400 actually see the posts, because Facebook is run by communists who limit your reach unless you care to spend money — so having a thriving page is actually not awarded, it’s debited. Anyway, I’m cool with that, because out of the 400 who see it, we probably only have 100 people who actively participate, so I’m pretty familiar with everyone and it’s really like a little community instead of just a Facebook page. There are several who have been with us from the beginning, when we had 100 “likes” and I was ecstatic about it. I still can’t believe anyone but my mom reads anything I write, so actually interacting with people who read what I write is a treat for me.

Anyway, we got a message from one of our longtime friends, Lukas The Truck Driver, from Canada. He told us of a driver who was stranded in Beaverdam, Ohio, which is only about 100 miles North of us. His truck broke down in Kentucky — he needed to get to Kitchener, Ontario, and he was out of money. Lukas had left the guy with $40 and sent us a message, which I posted on our page, asking if anyone was going that way and could give him a lift. His company told him it wasn’t their problem to get him home, and even though Lukas was going that way, his company has a no-rider policy.

Catch George’s vid from the Lima, Ohio, bus station via this link.Catch George’s vid from the Lima, Ohio, bus station via this link.

So long story short, it turns out a bus ticket from Lima, Ohio, to Kitchener, Ontario is $89.00, if bought on the day of departure, $60.00 if bought the day before. Lukas had given him almost half what it would cost to send him same day, so George drove up to Beaverdam and took the guy to Lima, bought his bus ticket and sent him home. And as awesome as that is, here’s the best part of this story: We were offered that money over and over again – people tried to give me their credit card numbers, almost every post was an offering of money or a phone number for an agency or charity that could help. People wanted to help.

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Now, all the fuzzy happy being said, this was a complete leap of faith. When George left he said, “I really hope I’m not driving a hundred miles to get beaten and robbed.” And believe me, I was really wary of the whole thing – there are people who will lie and con you out of money in the most unseemly ways. But it turns out the guy was a truly decent person; he was so grateful for the help. He had the same damn story we’ve heard over and over again – making crappy mileage and being force-dispatched. He had worked for the company that left him stranded for two years, and they couldn’t bother to send the guy $89.00 for a bus ticket when their truck lost a tranny in Kentucky. I know it’s not their responsibility and I know he should have had an emergency account, but the facts remain: they were jerks, and he didn’t. He had used what little money he had to eat and get as far North as he could.

We wish our new Canadian friend the best. He’s a nice guy and he and Lukas are going to stay in touch, so we’ll get updates, I’m sure. A very special thanks to everyone who offered help and support. You are awesome, even if you are dirty ol’ truckers. God bless the brotherhood.

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