FTR, Internet Truckstop to forecast spot market activity

FTR and Internet Truckstop announced a new strategic industry partnership that “will bring unprecedented market analysis and specificity for both contract and spot freight segments by region and by trailer type,” noted a press release emerging from the long-established load board. The partnership will combine data from the millions of load transactions gathered by IT with the forecasting and analytical capabilities of the Indianapolis-based FTR Transportation Intelligence to offer IT customers “a unique picture of the current balance of supply and demand between locations.” 

Planning and forecasting products to emerge from the partnership hope to deliver significant benefits in four particular areas to subscribers:
**Timely regional data for capacity and demand
**Access to combined contract and spot market data
**Simplified planning with advanced analytics on spot market economics
**Spot market forecasts — for the first time in the industry

“Internet Truckstop is an ideal partner for this venture,” said FTR President Eric Starks, “FTR’s forecasting accuracy has always been based on disciplined data. Internet Truckstop provides us extraordinary data, which enables us to provide more focused solutions to the industry.”

“We are excited to partner with FTR to help customers thrive in a data-driven industry,” said Scott Moscrip, CEO of Internet Truckstop.