Equipment Spotlight: Auxiliary power units

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For cost-conscious owner-operators, an idle-reduction system is often at the top of the list for saving money on fuel. In addition to that, reduced engine wear offers more payback, even though it’s not immediately apparent. With the many auxiliary power units on the market, it’s important to research costs and specs to find the right fit for your application.


Bergstrom Nite Phoenix

Nite Phoenix


The Bergstrom Nite Phoenix no-idle system has a large compressor and an LCD digital user interface and battery monitoring system. The unit includes a 110-pound lithium-ion battery, onboard service diagnostics, automatic temperature control and a check-filter function. The company’s Tundra inverter and shorepower kit, which offers shorepower and hotel load capabilities for the Nite system, includes an extension cord and a switching box that automatically detects 110-volt AC power and provides the vehicle with AC power and 12-volt DC power.
Bergstrom Inc.





Carrier’s ComfortPro APU has a 60-amp alternator and a large reservoir that allows for a 1,000-hour oil service interval. The unit also has a thermostatic expansion valve, a condenser with a fin-and-tube design and a low-pressure sensor designed to shut down in the event of a refrigerant leak. The R-134a refrigerant also allows for simpler service.
Carrier Transicold


Hodyon Dynasys



Hodyon’s Dynasys APU has a nonintegrated four-component design to allow for quicker installation. The flexible mounting system is built to accommodate most Class 8 frames and can be located on either side of the truck and behind fairings. The APU uses R134a hermetic-style air conditioning refrigerant and electric heating, and its 6,000-watt power comes from a belt-driven generator designed for easier service.


Idle Free

Idle Free


Idle Free’s electric APU provides heat, air conditioning and electricity and is available with Reefer Link technology designed to make a reefer unit’s excess energy available for added runtime. The company recently was acquired by Phillips & Temro Industries, an investor in companies that provide cooling products serving the heavy-duty truck industry, among others.
Idle Free Systems




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Parks’ HP2000 APU consumes about one-tenth of a gallon of diesel per hour at 2,000 rpm. Its heat pump system provides 18,000 Btu heating, 15,000 Btu cooling, 12-volt DC and 65 amps of charging power for vehicle batteries, and its electric-start two-cylinder Tier 4-certified Perkins diesel engine drives the heat pump system. The in-cab module uses three LEDs to indicate system status; two different modes allow the user to select climate control or battery monitor mode. The controller displays current and set temperatures, battery voltage and engine runtime.
Parks Industries


Perrin PowerCube Slim

Power Slim


Perrin’s Power Slim APU is built to fit the mounting space requirements of most sleeper cabs. The APU delivers 24,000 Btu cooling and 30,000 Btu heating and uses a two-cylinder Caterpillar CO.5i diesel power plant and has an integrated condenser for quieter operation. Units come with mounting hardware, a wire harness system, an integrated muffler, a fuel pickup apparatus, an under-bunk HVAC unit, flexible ductwork and a handheld digital temperature control unit. The device is available in custom colors to match cab bodies and also can be fully finished in chrome.
Perrin Manufacturing


Thermo King TriPac



Thermo King’s electric TriPac Hybrid Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Control System is available with the company’s Closed Loop Cooling option designed to reduce installation complexity. An emergency tractor alternator backup allows TriPac to run independently of the tractor’s cooling system, making the unit suitable for drivers who frequently operate in warm climates or prefer TriPac not to tie into the tractor’s engine coolant.
Thermo King


Tridako PowerCube HC5128



Tridako’s PowerCube APU model HC5128 features a digital controller that delivers 24,000 Btu cooling and 30,000 Btu heating from the under-bunk HVAC unit. The unit’s 6,000-watt generator can provide 120-volt 60-amp power for hotel loads without an inverter. A service hatch is designed to allow quick access for maintenance and to reduce service time.
Tridako Energy Systems

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