Cross-border pilot program reaches official end

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Today, Oct. 14, marked the official end of the three-year United States-Mexico cross-border pilot program, the second such program conducted with the intent of determining whether Mexico-domiciled carriers can safely operate on U.S. roadways beyond the border commercial zone.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a statement regarding the ongoing U.S. operating authority status of the 13 carriers approved for participation in the program noting that the agency had “converted the 13 participants to provisional or standard operating authority, allowing those carriers to continue to operate in the United States.”

Following the program’s conclusion, the agency awaits “expected reports on the pilot program from the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee and the Department of Transportation Inspector General,” the agency said, before determining next steps. The MCSAC meets October 27-28, with cross-border discussion expected on the second day, in Alexandria, Va.

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