What’s your take on autonomous truck platooning? ATRI wants to know

Updated Nov 18, 2014

The American Transportation Research Institute wants to hear from carriers and drivers about the use of truck platooning systems, also dubbed Driver Assistive Truck Platooning, ATRI says.

ATRI is trying to compile information on the likely costs and benefits of truck platooning, it says.

Based on the input it receives from the industry, ATRI says it will do a cost-benefit analysis to decide “the degree to which [platooning] may be adopted in the trucking industry.”

Platooning is based on autonomous features like forward-facing radar and vehicle-to-vehicle communications, ATRI says. Platooning systems allow trucks to travel closer than manual operations would, according to ATRI.

The survey will be open through Dec. 8. Click here to take it.