Top states for hours violations

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Standout State CSA bug — Oregon
Read more about Oregon’s enforcement program — the state ranks No. 1 among the continental 48 for the intensity of its focus on hours violations — in the story at this link.

Oregon, one of the few states with weight-distance tax collections, is the most aggressive in enforcement methodology using that tax data, and officials don’t keep it to themselves, says David McKane, ODOT manager.

Of the No. 2 state in hours enforcement, Wyoming, McKane says, “we share a lot of these data points” in enforcement efforts – likewise with other states that request it. Among other top states for hours enforcement, notably, New Mexico is also a weight-distance state. Percentages in the chart above reflect hours violations’ share of each state’s total violations in calendar year 2013.

For more on Oregon’s hours focus, read this story.