Truckers’ wives and spouses – the silent voice of the industry

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you_cant_scare_me_im_married_to_a_trucker_caseThere are a lot of voices in the industry, some of which we’d like to hear less from and others we don’t hear enough from. The support system and backbone for over-the-road truckers often gets forgotten, because few realize it’s sometimes harder to stay home and take care of things than it is to leave and be away.

The marketing gurus of trucking are missing a vital section of their target audience by bypassing the spouses. Just because the wife or husband isn’t on the truck, doesn’t mean they don’t have input on purchases made regarding it. If my own experience serves me correctly, I’d venture to say a great deal of purchases are actually made by the spouse. I know George will often see something he would like to have, or needs, and I’m the one who does the research and ordering, because I’m the support system.

Not everyone has (or sees) the benefit of having a support system, but for those who do, they provide an invaluable service. Running your life from the road poses unique challenges, and attempting to run your life on the road and your life at home in tandem can be overwhelming, especially for those with children or aging parents who need assistance.

There’s no official “Drivers’ Spouse Appreciation Week,” and rarely do we hear stories of the support they provide, so I’m going to take a quick minute to thank all the trucker’s wives, husbands and families for the job they do. It ain’t easy, and it’s important to understand you’re not alone, you’re appreciated, and there are others who face the same challenges you do every day.

Hats off to the support systems – THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO

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