Truckers must produce new documentation for TWIC enrollment

TWIC_cardNew documentation requirements and a slightly reduced enrollment fee are on the horizon for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential program.

Truckers are among the more than 2.8 million workers enrolled in the Transportation Security Administration program, required for those needed unescorted access to secure maritime facilities.

On Feb. 1, the fee will drop $1.75 to $128.00 because of a decrease in FBI fingerprint processing charges. This change does not affect the already reduced fee of $105.25, available to applicants with current, comparable background checks.

The TSA also is changing enrollment requirements for U.S.-born citizens. On July 1, these applicants must provide one document from the agency’s List A or two documents from its List B. Until then, affected applicants may certify citizenship by checking the box on the electronically signed TWIC application and providing the documents specified on the Universal Enrollment Services website at

These changes are to align TWIC proof-of-citizenship requirements with the Hazardous Material Endorsement and other TSA programs. Requiring proof of citizenship at enrollment will ensure all applicants meet eligibility requirements, the agency said.

Some workers have encountered delays in obtaining cards because TWIC is undergoing a major system upgrade. Processing should take approximately three weeks, but will require an additional three to five weeks for applications that require review by a TSA adjudicator.

Last May, the agency began issuing the new version 2.03 TWIC cards. The new cards only contain the first 14 characters of the applicant’s last name, including spaces, hyphens and apostrophes. The last name is always followed by a comma.

Characters after the 14th character are not printed, but a comma still follows the 14th character. Officials at some facilities have questioned new versions of the card because the name listed does not match the person’s full name.

The TSA soon will extend the last name as printed on the TWIC to a maximum of 19 characters. Last names containing fewer or more than 19 characters will continue to be followed immediately by a comma. Agency officials are investigating how complete last names may be printed on the cards, regardless of the length of the name.

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The Government Printing Office are receiving and issuing cards that are similar to previous versions, but have a revised appearance. Click here for more information on the card changes.