PDA Xpress designed to speed up accident appraisals

Property Damage Appraisers, a national network of vehicle damage appraisers, has launched PDA Xpress, a solution designed to turn customers’ smartphones into fast easy-to-use estimate tools that lighten adjusters’ workloads and help manage estimates.

The company says PDA Xpress increases efficiency, decreases cycle time and helps adjusters close claims quicker, making it suitable for commercial heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks and trailers, as well as other heavy equipment.

PDA says that in cases where extensive damage occurs and an estimate cannot be completed through images alone, the company will dispatch an appraiser from its nationwide network and turn an estimate around in five days or less for tractor-trailers.

PDA’s goal is to arrange an accident damage estimate for truck drivers throughout the country and keep over-the-road vehicles constantly moving instead of wasting downtime where the accident occurred.

The company says its franchise network of more than 600 professional appraisers serve more than 2,500 clients yearly and complete more than 400,000 appraisals and inspections annually. Appraisers perform heavy equipment, automobile, marine, motorcycle, property and recreational vehicle damage appraisals, as well as lease turn-in inspections.