Prime driver gives life to save co-driver, cousin

The Truckload Carriers Association recently named Boyd Miles, a former drive for Prime Inc., as a TCA Highway Angel after he rescued his cousin from being hit by an oncoming car after their truck broke down roadside last April.

Tragically, however, Miles died in the rescue attempt.

Miles and his cousin and team driver Christopher Crandall were on I-15 outside of Lehi, Utah, when their truck lost its coolant and needed to stop roadside — just 28 miles from their destination.

They turned the trucks flashers on and placed cones and triangles around them. Prime sent a mechanic to help, but two service was eventually called for when the mechanic couldn’t fix the issue. Following an hour and a half wait, the tow truck arrived.

Because he had problems with this hooks, he asked the cousins to step out of the truck’s cab. They waited roadside and watched while the tow driver worked.

Crandall suddenly heard a voice yell “watch out” — before being struck unconscious.

When he came to, he couldn’t move below his waist and he learned someone died. He was airlifted to a local hospital, and when he awoke there, he learned Miles had died saving him.

A tired driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and was headed straight for Miles and Crandall, who were standing roadside. The voice Crandall heard was Miles’, who ran toward his cousin and tried to push him out of harm’s way —  putting himself in the path of the oncoming car.

TCA named announced recognition of Miles’ actions last week, announcing him as the latest Highway Angel.

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