A goofy back is no joke

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We’re out on the road again, after spending Easter at home and giving all the Spring Breakers an opportunity to clear off the highways and go back to school. I’m super excited about this trip – we’re stacked and heading from Berea, Ky., to Laredo, Texas (a trip I’ve done so many times I know where the potholes are), but the most exciting part is the outbound going from Laredo to Miami! I’ve never been to Miami, and we get to take 10 across Louisiana, which is one of my favorite places to stare out the window and wish I had time to stop and fish.

At some point during my transitional truck packing from winter clothes and MATS paraphernalia to summer clothes and Wildwood paraphernalia, I wrenched my back. I hate to admit it, but I’m falling apart. I’m just going to have to get a sack to put all my old, worn out body parts in so I can carry them around with me. It’s awful when you have to admit you’re still able to party like a rock star but can’t fully recover from it.

Lurch memeI’ve hobbled around hunched over like Lurch from the Addams Family this week, and have often made his signature noise. Let’s suffice it to say that I feel super pretty when I can’t make my leg move and I’m moaning like Lurch every time I have to crawl up into the truck. It does wonders for the self-image.

I’m determined to beat the back. I’ve warned George that there will be yoga and stretching in the bunk, and we’re going to need to walk a lot to keep my back from seizing up. He’s thrilled.

“Don’t do anything until I take the cargo net down.”

He’s referring to the incident in which I almost tore my foot off because I got it stuck in the cargo net while doing yoga in the bunk. Little does he know, I have a whole new set of stretches lined up, and none of the require being close to the cargo net. (Fool me once…)

So if you see us out at the truck stop and I’m hobbling around like a Weeble Wobble, I’m not drunk (yet). You’re allowed to laugh, but don’t point, because that’s just rude. Be safe out there – hope to see you at Wildwood!

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