‘Tampa T-Bone’ from SmartDrive’s Great Driving Insights series

SmartDrive video still

If you’re running a road-facing dashcam of your own today, this video, from the SmartDrive company’s “Great Driving Insights” series, may just be further proof of what you already know — the power of on-highway video to exonerate a driver who’s doing things right in the event of an accident.

The SmartDrive company typically works with fleets who wish to install both road- and driver-facing cameras. If you’re not running a road-facing dashcam of your own today, forward-facing cameras that are triggered to save clips by g-force events like accidents can be had for relatively minimal cost. Brad Willis, an independent Overdrive talked to in recent times, uses a sophisticated Blue Tiger model he picked up for under $150. As he puts it in our feature on the subject of on-truck video last year, having the camera mounted visibly in the windshield has produced benefits beyond event-recording on the road. It’s also a good theft-deterrent. Contrary to incidents that occurred during the time prior to having the camera there, “nothing has been touched [by thieves] on my truck since installing it.”

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