Overdrive giving away trucker tribute rifle

The Trucker Tribute Golden BoyThe Trucker Tribute Golden Boy

Overdrive is giving away later this year a special trucking-themed rifle, the .22-caliber American Trucker Tribute Golden Boy Rifle from Henry Repeating Arms.

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Detail of the gun’s right side, stamped with the text “Truckers Move America.”Detail of the gun’s right side, stamped with the text “Truckers Move America.”

“The Henry American Trucker Tribute rifle honors not only the driver, but all those along the roads who keep American commerce in motion,” says Anthony Imperato, president of Henry Repeating Arms. “Few other occupations in our country are more critical to the economy and well-being of its citizens than the truck driver.”

Engraved on the right side of each rifle’s receiver is a tractor-trailer, with a 24-karat gold banner that reads “TRUCKERS MOVE AMERICA.” On the left side of the receiver is a convoy on a tree-lined highway, with the banner “BOUND FOR GLORY.”

All Henry rifles are produced in the United States.

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