Highway funding extended three weeks after Obama’s signature

trucks On I-20-59President Barack Obama signed Thursday a bill to extend highway funding for 22 days through Nov. 20.

This is the third short-term patch in the calendar year and the 35th in the last decade. The current patch was set to expire Thursday, Oct. 29.

The short-term bill is intended to allow Congress more time to pass a long-term highway funding bill. The House has the policy of a bill ready to go before the full chamber, but it still needs the funding.

The Senate passed a similar bill in July that not only had the policy portion of the bill, but also three years of funding attached to it.

Both bills call for similar trucking regulatory reforms, like the removal of CSA scores from public view, changes to driver drug testing rules and a pilot program for under-21 CDL holders to drive interstate.

Click here to read more on the House’s long-term bill.

And here to read more on the Senate’s bill.

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