Eaton, Cummins show off updates to integrated powertrain, Cummins previews ’17 ISX15

Updated Dec 2, 2015

Overdrive sister site CCJ published the above SmartAdvantage test drive video.


Overdrive Equipment Editor Jack Roberts last week had the chance to test drive the SmartAdvantage powertrain, a joint effort that combines transmission maker Eaton’s UltraShiftPLUS automated-manual transmission and Cummins’ ISX15 engine.

The SmartAdvantage powertrain combines Cummins’ ISX15 engine and Eaton’s UltraShiftPLUS transmission.The SmartAdvantage powertrain combines Cummins’ ISX15 engine and Eaton’s UltraShiftPLUS transmission.

Chief among the SmartAdvantage upgrades is a new direct-drive version of the integrated powertrain, designed for fleets that typically operate at lower highways speeds ranging from 50 to 62 mph. The direct drive option is available with Cummins ISX15 in 400- and 450-horsepower ratings and 1,550 and 1750 ft.-lbs. torque-ratings and designed to insure optimal performance at lower rpm when combined with a 2.26 or 2.28 axle ratios.

The direct drive SmartAdvantage will complement the overdrive version of the powertrain, which debuted in 2013, and is now being offered with expanded horsepower ratings. Ryan Tryzbinski, product strategy manager for Eaton, says the new 400- and 420-horsepower ratings for the overdrive SmartAdvantage drivetrain will give fleets and owner-operators additional options beyond its original 450 horsepower rating. Additionally, Eaton’s “small step” gearing technology adds a 26 percent step between 9th and 10th gears to maximize downspeeding in the small-step overdrive model by keeping the engine in its “sweet spot” for maximum fuel economy.

See Overdrive sister site CCJ’s report for full coverage of the enhancements to the Eaton-Cummins SmartAdvantage integrated powertrain.

Cummins offers 2017 engine preview

Though details were obviously sparse, Cummins also offered last week a sneak peek at its 2017 ISX15. Overdrive’s Jack Roberts go the chance to test the engine, part of the SmartAdvantage powertrain, in an International ProStar. As he reports on Overdrive sister site CCJ: “My test drives in loaded ProStar tractors showed the engines to be peppy in terms of acceleration, quiet and instantly responsive to throttle inputs. Instantaneous fuel economy numbers logged by the driver information center were impressive as well: 9.7 mpg seemed to be my average result when in cruise control, although I did note numbers as high as 12.7 mpg on very slight downhill grades.” Click here for the full report.