Peterbilt’s Denton, Texas plant celebrates 35 years

Peterbilt’s Denton, Texas plantPeterbilt’s Denton, Texas plant

In 1980, the first truck produced at Peterbilt’s Denton, Texas manufacturing plant – a Model 359 known as “Old No. 1” – came off the assembly line. Thirty-five years later, the facility has produced nearly 500,000 trucks, hosted tens of thousands of customers and set new standards for quality, safety, efficiency and innovation.

“The value Peterbilt’s Denton plant has brought through the years to the company, our employees, customers, dealers and the community is immeasurable,” said Darrin Siver, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President. “The Denton plant is a premier manufacturing facility across any industry and we continue to invest in the tools, processes and people that keep it state-of-the-art.”

When the plant first opened, there were 81 employees working to manufacture 2-1/2 trucks per week. Maximum capacity was expected to be 16 trucks daily. Through continuous improvement and ongoing investment, the plant’s current production capacity is ten times that and the workforce is 2,000 strong.

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