Mack signs off on renewable diesel in its engines

Mack Trucks announced Jan. 7 it has signed off on the use of renewable diesel fuel in all Mack engines, following extensive testing, it says.

Renewable diesel fuel delivers performance similar to diesel refined from petroleum, but with several additional benefits, including reduced greenhouse gas and particulate emissions, as well as decreased maintenance costs, Mack says.

Similar to conventional biodiesel, renewable diesel fuel is derived from biomass feedstocks, including animal fats and oils. However, unlike biodiesel, renewable diesel fuel is produced using a different process and maintains physical properties and performance similar to petroleum diesel, meeting the same ASTM D975 standard, Mack says.

Renewable diesel fuel lowers emissions of particulate matter and greenhouse gasses, testing has showed.

Owners can also save money with renewable diesel fuel, as it requires fewer maintenance costs compared to other alternative fuels, Mack says.