So, what’s for dinner?

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I’d like to make an important announcement:

We didn’t win the Power Ball and are currently running the boards, so we’re definitely not rich. I don’t know about y’all, but we’re kind of thinking about walking off into the woods these days. The boards are pathetic, and there are plenty of company trucks sitting, so what gives? I thought we were all immersed in a hair-raising trucker shortage. To hear it told by some, a CDL is worth its weight in gold these days.

Too bad it only weighs a tenth of a gram.

peanut-butter-sandwichesYeah, it’s winter time and flatbed is flat. Never fails you swap out a trailer and freight tanks. I saw box freight running for more than three dollars a mile the other day. When we had a box that was the running rate for flatbed and we were eating $1.90/mile, which is about average for the flatbed rates we’re seeing right now. Grass is always greener, yaddah yaddah yaddah.

We had a great run with the Ford frames — it made our year for 2015. Great group of people, good times. The railroad seems to have won that one. It’s time to carry on and move forward. Or backward. Or whichever way pays green American money.

Things change. The rates will change and come construction time, flatbed will be sweet again and those who don’t look into dipping into the gift the highway bill just gave to the infrastructure hauling needs are nutso. There’s money to be made, it may require a little more hustle this year, but it will be there.

Some things never change. While we maneuver our way through the crap to freight that’s worth hauling, the neverending cycle of life carries on, and we’re forced to decide where to eat for dinner.

Me: “What do you want for dinner? Subway or The Skillet?”

George: “I don’t care, you pick.”

Me: “Doesn’t matter to me, do you want hot food or a sandwich?”

George: “I could eat either one.”

Me: “Let’s do the Skillet.”

George: “OK.”

Me: “Unless the buffet looks mangy. Then we should probably save our money and just eat Subway.”

George: “Whatever works for you.”

Me: “Of course, if the veggies look wilty at the Subway, we should probably just have something hot at the Skillet … what are you doing?”

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George: “I’m making myself a peanut butter sandwich so I don’t starve while you decide what we’re eating tonight.”

The struggle is real.