TugForce freight platform opens pre-registration period

Officially launching in May, the TugForce startup technology company specializing in providing on-demand trucking services for commercial shippers has opened a pre-registration period for owner-operators and other carriers wanting to try out the technology. Via TugForce.com, carriers interested in participating in the platform can register — click “Join the Waiting List.”

“We created TugForce to bring convenience and efficiency to the massive trucking market,” said Mohammad Ahsan, company founder and CEO, casting the company in the light of the “Uberization of trucking” trend in on-demand freight matching. “By utilizing our services, drivers will no longer have to pay middlemen and shippers will get the best prices available while eliminating brokerage fees for their shipments. It’s a win-win scenario for all parties involved.”

TugForce.com will provide a platform for truckers worldwide to post their availability. Shippers, the company says, can use the platform to fill service needs with participating truckers.

TugForce is planned to be functional via both Web and mobile apps in the Android and iOS platforms.