Cargo tanks tested at two Alabama facilities must be reinspected, FMCSA says

propane fuel tanker

Owners and operators of certain cargo tanks may need to get their tanks reinspected or retested, per a notice issued Friday by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Tanks tested by H&W Tank Testing in Ohatchee, Ala., and Christopher Humphries in Jacksonville, Ala., between April 2011 and March 2016 have been improperly inspected and tested and must be re-inspected or retested before being used for hazmat operations, FMCSA says.

Using these tanks for the transportation of hazmat would be a violation of the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations until re-inspection. Owners and operators must immediately provide FMCSA with documentation that the inspections and testing have been done for the affected tanks.

A full list of documentation requirements can be found here. Owners and operators with questions are directed to contact FMCSA’s Hazardous Materials Division at [email protected].