Entering the red zone

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Day before yesterday, I watched a guy pour a gallon of pee out his driver’s side window as his pre-trip. This idiot literally opened his curtains, let the window down, and proceeded to pour copious amounts of piss out the window – not even caring that his excretions were splashing all over the truck beside him. He then started the truck and took off without so much as a “pretend” pre-trip.

arking lot memeI learned a long time ago that shaming disgusting people has no effect whatsoever – they’re disgusting people, and no amount of shaming will make them anything other than disgusting people. But when I saw that pee jug hanging out the window, I went from green to red in a split second. I screamed so loud, I ruptured my own eye.

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing??? The bathroom is less than a hundred yards from here!! There’s grass behind your truck you could pour that into! What’s wrong with you??”

Instead of being ashamed, he got mad.

“Mind your own business.”

Oh no he didn’t.

Yes he did.

“Well you see, that’s where you’re effed up. It is my business when you pour piss all over a parking lot I have to walk in. You made it my business when you opened your curtains in broad daylight and emptied your toilet into the lot.”

“You need to shut up.”

This guy was either stupid or crazy, because you do not tell a woman who is reading you the riot act to shut up, especially when you’re caught red-handed doing something messed up. I did not shut up, in fact, I screamed louder.

“You filthy piece of crap. You make the whole industry look bad doing things like that.”

“Nobody cares, lady.”

And he drove off, without doing a pre-trip, with me screaming at him all the way out of the lot.

Well, Mr. B&G Trucking, somebody does care. Someone cares very much, and that someone will not hesitate to read you if I catch you pouring piss in the lots we live in. And you can maintain that it’s none of my business all you want to, but you’re wrong.

I’d like to have a happy ending to this story, like he got out of the truck and apologized and cleaned up his mess, but there was no happy ending. I had a sore throat and a bloodshot eye, and caused a scene at the Pilot in Haines City, Florida. For that, I’m sorry. But I’m not sorry for calling him out and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, policing one another is apparently necessary, because there are those among us who don’t understand how a bathroom functions.