Wreck on a foggy highway: Preventable or Not?

Updated Sep 2, 2017
Foggy Road_2

The Preventable or Not scenario and video presented below are borrowed from Overdrive sister publication CCJ‘s Preventable or Not series.

SCENARIO: John Doe was rolling down a rural highway in a shroud of early-morning fog at the posted limit of 55 mph. Suddenly a battered pickup, stopped at an intersection, began turning right into Doe’s lane. Doe slammed on his brakes but still plowed into the pickup’s side.

Neither driver sustained injuries, but Doe later received a preventable accident warning letter from his carrier. He contested it, saying he had his lights on and wasn’t speeding.

Who was in the right: Doe or his carrier?

VERDICT: The National Safety Council upheld the carrier’s preventable ruling. Doe admitted to seeing the pickup’s lights, NSC said, yet made no effort to stop or blow his horn in anticipation of the driver pulling out into the blinding fog.

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