This week I learned …

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You know how you see things sometimes you just can’t “unsee” in your head?

(Consider this a pause in conversation so you can come up with your very own version of mind hell.)

Yeah, those things.

This week I learned if you’re extremely attached to the aesthetics of your truck, you should never, ever, ever watch the process of a complete paint job on it. Just put it in the shop and walk away – they’ll call when it’s done and you will save yourself hideous, haunting images of your baby looking like a prop for a Mad Max movie — that never go away. Let the professionals work their magic.


It’s shocking to see her all stripped down and sandblasted. I actually got tears in my eyes. My first thought was, “We’ve made a terrible mistake.” If we didn’t completely trust Big Mike and his crew over at Refurb 1, I don’t think I’d be able to handle the process. Also knowing that Greg Stahl will be available to do the custom work again gives me great comfort, because I personally consider him the king of flames and I really, really love(d) the flames we had on Precious … [insert sobbing noises] …

So this week’s trucking lesson also included fun facts about trying to order parts we can only get from a dealership. Let’s suffice it so say, I’d rather be bled by leeches than attempt to actually get the correct piece for the third time. (This is the first piece we ordered, and we need about 10 more…it’s going to be an exercise in monk-like patience to find and physically get the things we need.)

We’re promised the paint job finished next week, and I don’t think I’m going back to look at her again until they have her un-taped and un-masked. It was so hard to see her with her eyes covered up — she looked like an enormous kidnapping victim. I may or may not have an unhealthy attachment to this truck …

Stay tuned for the finished results. I have faith that everyone involved will make it the best paint job ever – we appreciate the hard work and putting up with my neurosis on a daily basis. Now go get our baby’s clothes back on her so I can sleep at night.