One legend to another

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So this is happening in Chilton, Wis., today:



We met Evan Steger in Joplin, Mo., at the Shell Rotella SuperRigs show. He was busy polishing show trucks but kind enough to take a few minutes to talk with us. Evan has polished more than 30 of the Rotella calendar trucks. His work can be seen in a multitude of magazines and print work about the industry. He’s not only one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, he knows chrome and stainless and how to manipulate machinery and products to make it shine like the sun. I think he’s magic.

(Side note: Pretty sure I saw a warlock leaving the shop by the back door. It may have been the mailman, but he was kind of warlocky-looking, so I’m going with magic, because that’s what I do.)

So here’s a funny story about legends.

We were fortunate enough to get an appointment with Evan on our way to Minnesota. We’re having the final custom paint work done by Greg Stahl, who is yet another legend in the show truck circuit, and Evan’s shop just happened to be en route. The planets aligned, and appointments were made. When George was arranging everything, he mentioned to Greg that Evan was going to do the polishing. Greg Stahl, painter of beautiful and fantastic things, was impressed. He mentioned that Evan was a legend in chrome and was really excited he was doing the metal work on our truck.

By the same token, Evan mentioned that Stahl was a legend in the paint business, and he was really excited that Greg was doing the final paint work. Believe it or not, these two have never met in person, even though they’ve both customized the same trucks and been in the same show circuit for years.

I feel like we may tear a hole in the space-time continuum of truck awesomeness if these guys ever get together in the same room. I’m also tickled that they both “bro-fess” for one another, and respect each other’s work enough to call one another “legends.”

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to have both trucking legends finish our baby. It’s worth every penny of money to know you have the best of the best working on something you love the most, and Ramen noodles taste great when you’re eating them inside a kick-ass truck. I kid, I like Ramen noodles no matter where I’m eating them, I’m just weird like that, but I love that truck like no other. And that’s not weird at all. I mean it this time.

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