She’s baaaack — Precious lives!

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I completed three rotations around crazy yesterday. I’m pretty sure it’s against the law or at least a bad sin to love anything that wasn’t birthed as much as I love that truck. I really didn’t think I could be more attached to it, until we didn’t see her for weeks.

Like any project, there were some hiccups along the way. Sometimes hiccups turn into full blown vomiting, and vomiting induces the body to rid itself of toxins, so let’s make a real vague medical correlation and just say we vomited a little during the process and we both feel much better now.

George’s re-introduction contained no tears but was no less jubilant. Catch the video here.George’s re-introduction contained no tears but was no less jubilant. Catch the video here.

Our sincerest appreciation goes out to Big Mike at Refurb 1 and Josh Paisley of Lincoln Chrome. I now know why you see so few Freightliners as decked out show trucks. Troy Huddleston, I love your truck almost as much as ours, and after the struggle we’ve been through to get aftermarket parts for ours, I appreciate yours even more. Josh at Lincoln and the guys at Refurb had a bit of a struggle with those stacks, but they made it work, and they are absolutely incredible. I can’t even tell you how good it sounds.

Next stop is Top Gun Kustoms, where Greg Stahl will complete the process of getting our girl’s paint back to show status. Greg painted the Eilen truck that won Overdrive‘s Pride & Polish this year and he did the original red/orange ghost flames on our truck – his flames are unmistakable. When he asked George what we wanted this time, George told him, “Whatever you think will make someone break their neck to turn around and look at it again.”

We’re shooting to have her ready to show at Guilty by Association in Joplin, and we are so looking forward to seeing the folks at 4 State Trucks. We need as many trucks as possible for the Special Olympics Convoy Friday night – we have a Canadian record to beat, and I’m sure we can do it. If you can be there, it’s one of the most humbling experiences you’ll ever have. Hundreds of trucks, rolling together for a good cause … gives me chills to think about it.

See you in Joplin!

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