International offering new predictive cruise control system for on-highway models

International’s ProStarInternational’s ProStar

International Truck announced July 13 it is now offering GPS-based predictive cruise control as an option on its ProStar and LoneStar trucks.

International’s predictive cruise control uses preinstalled GPS maps and updated commercial route data to make adjustments to cruising speed without the need to pre-drive the route.

Because the GPS maps and route data are already loaded, the technology – which International says was born from the company’s SuperTruck program – will enable fleets and drivers to obtain greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions right out of the box.

Predictive cruise control, which International says was designed to minimize brake usage by seeing the route and terrain ahead and making adjustments accordingly, also monitors driver speed, engine load, weight and road grade in order to optimize the vehicle’s performance.

As a truck enters certain types of terrain, such as rolling hills, predictive cruise control will modulate cruising speed to correspond to the topography. International says the system can increase fuel economy by as much as 4 percent.