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I don’t say much or post much about big truck wrecks, I figure the last thing we need is to see pictures and news articles of our collective worst nightmare. The mainstream press does a fine job of it, anyway.

Our hometown news covers the area where 70 and 75 cross – there are truck wrecks within in the “viewing area” every single day. I happened to see a story on one last week where the driver died and it took them two days to find his next of kin. It seems so tragic that in this day and age, when the company undoubtedly knows where their truck is every second of every day, no one could find this guy’s kin for two whole days.

I’m sure there may have been extenuating circumstances — not every family is close — but the story prompted me to make sure, once again, that our family has their ICE contacts in place.

Not that kind of ice.Not that kind of ice.

In Case Of Emergency, or ICE, contacts can easily be added to your cell phone, and have been advocated for by paramedics and emergency response personnel. It’s easy to do, and could save your life, or make it a lot easier for someone to contact your family in the event of something awful happening.

In addition to the cell phone, a personal information packet should be stored inside the cab, with any pertinent medical information and contacts you may have. It’s not advisable to put anything as personal as your social security number in the packet, but if you have a health insurance card, a copy of it might be helpful as well.

We all hate to think about these things, but we all know they happen every day to people who hated to think about it as much as we do. Be safe out there, and take care of yourselves by making it as easy as possible for information to be shared in an emergency situation.

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