Be wary of cargo theft when traveling through Los Angeles

Updated Oct 3, 2016

freightwatch-laCargo theft recording firm FreightWatch International has issued a warning for the Greater Los Angeles Area as a result of increased cargo theft activity.

FWI says it has seen nearly double the national average for thefts of electronics and clothing and shoes, while it has seen the occurrence of reported fictitious pickups at nearly three times greater than the rest of the U.S.

Additionally, the average loss value in this area is 32 percent higher than the national average, according to FWI.

“Law enforcement and private sector security continue to investigate this growing threat; however, drivers travelling through this area should be extra vigilant and immediately report any suspicious observations to the police and their dispatch,” FreightWatch says in a Sept. 19 release.

The firm recommends for truck drivers traveling through the area to be educated on the increased threat and to know best practices to avoid an incident. FWI also says that if truckers must stop in the area, they should back their trailers against a solid structure to protect against tampering with seals or trailer doors.