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Updated Mar 16, 2017

This big ol’ world gets kind of mean sometimes. There always seems to be a little more ugliness than there has to be, and some days you feel like you just can’t win. We’ve all been there.

On those days, it’s nice to know about people like Josh and Susanne Taylor. Whether or not you’ve met them, these folks are some of trucking’s biggest fans, and if you have ever been to the Beckley, W.Va., travel plaza, there’s a likelihood they’ve seen you.

Josh’s story began in Korea, 28 years ago. Orphaned at birth, he left Korea at 4 months old and arrived at Dulles Airport to be delivered, and born again, into the arms of his adoptive mother, Susanne Taylor.

Josh and his buddy, Kay Wilson Hicks, who drives for May Trucking.Josh and his buddy, Kay Wilson Hicks, who drives for May Trucking.

As a vocational rehabilitation therapist, Susanne realized early on that Josh was experiencing developmental issues. Her persistence and determination to obtain the correct therapy for her child led to a very early diagnosis of autism.

Though there have been obstacles and difficult times, both Susanne and Josh have overcome with faith and a strong desire to live a joyful life.

And they do.

The three things Josh loves most are Jesus, his family, and trucks, or as he refers to them, “the big boys.” Susanne laughs as she tells me, “Depending on the day, not in that particular order, although Jesus is probably always first.”

Here’s Josh blowing the air horn with his buddy, John Allen:

If everyone recalls Josh, we just had a great dinner and a honking section!!

Posted by John Allen on Thursday, February 16, 2017

His love for big trucks is unparalleled. Their field trips to the travel plaza are specifically for Josh to be among the “big boys,” and see as many trucks as he can see. He’s amassed a group of trucking buddies who love him as much as he loves them.

Susanne and Josh will be at MATS for the first time this year, and we’re looking forward to sharing the happiness Josh gets from being around some of his heroes, and up close to some of the most beautiful show trucks in the industry.

Thank you Josh, for reminding us about pure, unadulterated joy. Keep on truckin’!

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