Wormholes may exist

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Wormhole: A hypothetical connection between widely separated regions of space-time.

Hypothetical: Of, based on, or serving as a hypothesis.

Hypothesis: A supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

I talk about wormholes a lot. I also talk about bathrooms, Sasquatch and filthy lies quite often. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite things is to Google “Wendy Parker, filthy lies” and get an entire collection of Overdrive posts in which I’ve mentioned filthy lies. It’s my legacy to the kids. Maybe I should work on a new legacy. Anyway …

I really am fascinated with space and UFOs, and the ability to manipulate and bend time. I remember the first time I watched Carl Sagan talk about “folding layer upon layer of space together and maneuvering through them to surpass the boundaries of time.” (I just sat at my desk and did my best “Carl Sagan” voice until the dogs started looking at me funny. I better get on with this post, or I’ma get bit.)

Apparently, the dogs don’t like my Carl Sagan impression.Apparently, the dogs don’t like my Carl Sagan impression.

I got going on the technology in trucking and transportation thing doing some research for an article about the future of trucking. Of course, I spent the entire day looking at everything but trucking technology, but I did manage to stay within the realm of transportation in general long enough to find the HyperLoop One. Needless to say, I now know every random thing about the HyperLoop that’s been published, and I’m pretty sure these folks have found a wormhole.

I’m really surprised I haven’t heard more about this. Either the developers are afraid of being branded as using witchcraft or they’re just not as well-publicized as you’d think they’d be. Or I spend my time looking up things like “How much does a severed human leg weigh,” and missed the hype. (We all know this is the real answer.)

So, a group of engineers, designers, welders, and builders got together in a garage in L.A. They sat around and thought about the tubes at the drive-thru of their momma’s bank, and remembered how they thought it would be so cool to be tiny enough to jump inside and ride through the tube with momma’s ID, bank receipt and the suckers Marilyn always put inside for the kids in the car. Then they remembered that if they were tiny enough to fit in the tube, the suckers would likely crush them to death on the way through, so they decided to build tubes big enough to shoot full-grown people and freight through. And there will be suckers if Marilyn goes to work for them.

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OK, that’s probably not how it really went, but the final product is the same. They’ve built and begun to perfect an electric motor powerful enough to accelerate and decelerate levitated pods through tubes at incredible speeds and low costs. They intend to literally “sell time.” And that’s pretty worm-hole-y.

Definitely something for those of us who don’t have wormhole-time-selling capabilities in our freight moving operations to watch. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some research to do on trucking technology … wait … did you know there’s a creature called the “yellow-tailed woolly monkey” …?