Grounded 280-ton truck finally allowed to move, carrier forced to pay state $60k

Updated Jul 16, 2017

The 280-ton truck that was grounded on the side of I-95 in Rhode Island two weeks ago for lack of a proper permit was finally able to head to its destination in Massachusetts this week, albeit at a hefty price.

According to Rhode Island TV station, the company hauling the 560,000-pound generator, Bay Crane Northeast, agreed to take out a $25 million insurance policy, with the state as a co-insured party, as well as pay the cost of the police escort through the state. It also had to reimburse Rhode Island DOT $60,000 for its trouble in dealing with the truck.

“Public safety has always been our priority in this matter,” RIDOT Director Peter Alviti told the news station. “It was our job to make sure that the people of Rhode Island were kept safe and that our roads and bridges were not damaged. We have achieved this. This accord also protects the financial interests of the taxpayers of the state with Bay Crane’s agreement to reimburse the state for expenses brought about by the unique nature of this situation.”

Before the truck began its original journey, Bay Crane had applied for an overweight permit, but started the trip before the permit was granted. The company said at the time it expected the permit to come through before it became a problem.

A video from of the truck leaving Rhode Island can be seen below: